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Physio Verdun also offers pediatric physiotherapy services. This specialization targets a clientele of babies, children and adolescents from 0 to 17 years old who present (among others), one or more of the following conditions:

Congenital or positional torticollis; Plagiocephaly; Brachial plexus injury; Cerebral palsy ; Global motor development delay; Dyspraxia; Balance disorders; Post-operative condition; Hip dysplasia/dislocation; Postural deficits/weakness;

Orthopedic conditions or injuries :





Muscle pain



Sagging plantar arches



Do not hesitate to contact our pediatric physiotherapist if you notice any of the following behaviors in your child :

Keep your head turned and/or tilted to the side
Has a flatter side of the head
Uses one arm more than the other by age 4
Does not tolerate lying on the stomach during the 1st month
Doesn't roll over after 7 months
Does not maintain sitting position after 8 months
Doesn't walk after 18 months
Tends to walk on tiptoes
Does not run or jump after 2 years
Lack of balance and falls often
Has improper leg alignment (feet and/or knees turned inward or outward)
Demonstrates insecurity/uneasiness in space and/or movements